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EN ISO 4210-2 certificate

For your information, Arko products passed successfully ISO testing and are now certified. More info here.

The prices below are just numbers, almost as same as I get from clients for the right measurements of their new frame.
There are only a few workshops where you would find such a passion for detail and purely manual work as with Arko Bici
and that is why I’m known for specific craftsmanship.

Your frame is made right here, you know the person who created it for you and you are a significant part of the whole process.

Thank you for your trust.

Arko frames are made to measure. Each single frame, fork, stem, or rack is for a particular owner or use.

Before starting the project, we discuss every detail concerning:

• purpose of use and suitable material

• geometry

• necessary equipment or innovations

• finishing and painting


Type of welding: brazing: brass, or on request silver from 34% or 54% content.

Construction type: fillet brazing or luggs.

I work with material from Columbus and Dedacciai or on your request from Reynolds. Each frame is equipped with stainless steel screws
and gear shifter nylon guide (bottom bracket). Single paint.

I always require a deposit / deposit of € 400 . Non-refundable amount. The deposit assures your spot in the waiting list and also covers
the material needed for production.
The production of the frame is not longer than ten days.

• Basic frame Columbus Life - 2000 EUR

• Columbus XCr stainless steel - 3000 EUR

• Columbus Cento - 2200 EUR

• To be able to pair any steel frame with Arko steel fork + all necessary mounts - 300 EUR

• SON SL system - 80 EUR


• Internal routin 1pc - 50 EUR

• Each additional color shade - 30 EUR

• are also different color glitter, holographic additives or candy colours

• I work with Syntace frame dropouts, all the necessary parts are extra pay

Carbon forks of your choice:

• Columbus Futura Gravel - 400 EUR

• Dedacciai Gravel Carbon Disc Fork F-56 – 350 EUR

• Columbus Futura caliper 1.5" - 250 EUR

• Pegoretti Falz Carbon Fork 1-1/8 – 380 EUR

• Columbus Futura Disk road - 400 EUR

I also manufacture stands and racks:

• Stem - 190 EUR

• Nickel plating in the bath – 50 EUR

• Stainless steel rack front / rear - 170 EUR