My work is known for an artisan style, like the old craftsmen. Frame parts made from scratch, smooth fillets and customizing every single detail possible.
I really enjoy the metalworking and the manual part. Since I have no particular favour, I make both fillet brazing or lugged frames and painting each one of the frames in house.

My focus is a functional frame that fits the rider and lasts long. Complete bicycles are also possible. My frames are mostly built from Columbus and Dedacciai tubes.

Little bit about where I work and live with my family.

Many of you already know that we bought an old water mill from before the year 1900 and are slowly reconstructing it.
It's a delicate work and it takes a long time to achieve the expected result but we love it to every detail. If you feel like visiting us, let us know and be welcome.

Marek, Dominika and little Matilda

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